Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a snippet of some of the Q’s we get asked at The Talent Boom. Do you have any other questions? Please feel free to reach out to us!

How do you recruit globally?
We have a dedicated network of creative, digital and tech talent and we zone in on local candidates in specific countries across the world, as well as expats looking for new expat opportunities. Clients love working with us because we are switched on with the global trends within creative, digital and IT recruitment.
What would you say is your core industry?
The Talent Boom was born recruiting within the creative and digital industry, however, we have been driven to the Tech and IT side due to our clients demands as well as working with countries looking for these booming skill sets. We now have the same amount of IT Recruiters as Creative Recruiters and we are proud to be working alongside top clients to assist them with their senior appointments in IT, Tech, Digital, Creative, Advertising, PR and Sports.
Technology is taking over the recruitment agency. Why would we spend money on a headhunter?
We couldn’t disagree more. You simply can not create the next 'Uber' of recruitment. Have a think about this, in order for a recruitment app to be successful, you need to make a match on it with the right client and the right candidate. This means, a fantastic gem of a candidate has GOT to register their details on their app in order to be found. To us, it just seems like a glorified job board and we all know that the best talent are the ones that are hard to find and do not have the time applying for roles. Most of the time, the only way to track down a brilliant candidate, is picking up the phone and securing them via good old fashioned headhunting and passion, which can only be done by H2H and not through an app. This is where we come in. And we sure can deliver with top talent!
Where are you physically?
Mentally, we are in every single country in the world, give or take a couple! However, we have three dedicated offices as of 2016. Our HQ is in Cape Town, South Africa and our newest office is in Amsterdam, NL. We also have a small office in London, UK. We are looking at expanding our global reach in ’17, so watch this space!
I am a candidate. I have sent my CV and portfolio to one of your recruiters and I have not heard back.
We are very sorry about this. As much as we would love to, we are unable to get back to every single person. We endeavour to get back to talent where ever possible. If you have not heard from us within a 2 week period, please take your application as unsuccessful. We will absolutely keep your details stored in our talent box, so you may hear from us if something more suitable comes up. Until then, keep on booming!
I would love to work in one of your offices at The Talent Boom.
We are flattered! We’re always looking for super solid recruiters and talent scouts with creative, digital and/or IT background to join us at The Boom House. Right now, we are heavily expanding in our Cape Town office and looking for a number of recruiters at all levels. In our Amsterdam office, we are searching for a highly experience recruitment director. We must warn you, we’re a quirky bunch of boomers with a combined love of bubblegum (thanks to our inhouse bubble gum machine) and Rooibos tea. We have a play hard, work hard environment and don’t be surprised, at The Talent Boom, to have your next morning meeting at the beach. Keen? Drop us a mail and lets talk!
Why dont you advertise your roles online?
We’re a different type of recruitment agency, you see. We tend not to look for job seekers and rather seek out talent that are not actively in the job market, but are specifically keen on a role that we present to them through our headhunting activities. This means that we very rarely advertise roles. Our clients love this for a number of reasons, however the main one is so that they know they are paying for a real talent finding service, and not just an agency that is copying and pasting their job description online and kicking back and waiting for people to apply. We’re pro-active and seek out talent. Like hunters. Determined, but very friendly hunters.
I would like to interview The Talent Boom to get their views on the global recruitment scene, or and Digital/Creative/Tech talent for an article or radio/tv show.
Thank you for your interest. Please send your email to our CEO Emily Keyes at as well as our press representative at Kilmer & Cruise advertising agency: Danny De Nobrega at
What is the CEO’s background
Emily is a British Global Career matchmaker for Senior and Exec level digital, creative and tech talent. After living and working in the creative and tech recruitment scene in the UK and Amsterdam, Emily founded The Talent Boom and decided to bring this to Cape Town. One of the advantages is to be able to bring solid knowledge of headhunting and word of mouth recruiting to the African market and share this knowledge with recruiters at The Talent Boom to enable to find top talent. For example, Emily has seen digital & tech emerge in other countries, seen talent go through the process and placed talent to develop this process. Coming to South Africa, she has been involved in this process again and understand what works and what needs to change in order to head hunt the best talent in SA as well as SA citizens working abroad looking to return back to their home town.

Emily has worked with advertising agencies, tech houses, digital banks and partnered with companies around the globe to place Executive level digital and tech talent in countries such as South Africa, UK, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Singapore, China, Kenya, Italy, Doha, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Vietnam and more!

In Q1 2016, Emily opened the second location, in Amsterdam, NL. The expansion into Europe was a natural move due to continuous growth in conducting recruitment searches and projects for companies.

The plan is to continue to expand the global reach of The Talent Boom.

As a boutique global agency, The Talent Boom has a presence in over 20 countries. One of Emily’s main focus areas over the next year is to continue to drive their global expansion with plans to open offices in other countries in the near future. Emily believes in order for The Talent Boom to further service the global markets, it’s fundamental that The Talent Boom looks to be closer to their clients in Asia, Europe and US. This will enable the firm to hire recruiters on the ground to continue to zone in on the right talent and make more successful candidate matches while keeping a tight reign on the process from every angle.

Emily also ensures that every single boomer has and continues to have the most enjoyable journey at The Talent Boom. Embedding a hard working yet super fun culture in the company is very important and a motivator to the expansion of the brand.